February 21, 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to my personal blog entitled “Woman-In-Action”. This blog has been in the works for almost a year now, and I’m glad to be finally launching it! Today, not only am I embarking on this new adventure in the digital world, I am also officially embracing a new chapter in my life.

Shopinas vs Petron. Photo by Mark Cristino

Inducted into the Philippine Superliga Hall of Fame for significant contributions to volleyball with Richard Gomez. Photo by Mark Cristino

You’ve all known me as a volleyball player from Ateneo who shifted to becoming a host on TV. Well I’m still the same person but a lot of things have changed, too. For one, I’ve officially left the indoor court in order to pursue a greater calling. 2015 was my “Year of Faith” and it proved to be very rewarding. God has been faithful with His promises. At one point, I just knew He was telling me to move on and pursue His greater plans for my life. At first, it was a struggle accepting that I couldn’t be part of two different worlds at the same time anymore but when the opportunities started coming in, I knew I had made the right decision.


Together with Edric Mendoza and Gigi Grande on the new set of Mornings @ ANC

Perfect timing, it was. ANC was about to reformat the whole channel and I had just approached the ABS-CBN News Department to ask if they needed me anywhere. Luckily they found a space for me on the new “Mornings @ ANC”, as a features anchor together with David Celdran, Ginger Conejero, Gigi Grande and Edric Mendoza. They were also gracious enough to make me the anchor of a new sports and entertainment show called “The Daily Serve”. Was it just coincidence that in the past months before I joined the channel, I had been tuned in to ANC almost everyday?


Anchoring “The Daily Serve” with Anton Roxas and Enzo Flojo as guest analysts

Apart from doing these shows on ANC, I am also part of a new show on Lifestyle TV that’s coming soon! So pleased to be working with two other empowering girls, Denise Laurel and Sam Oh, for the show. From different backgrounds, we come together in an attempt to dissect the mind of a modern woman. Watch out for the craziness that is about to unfold!


Watch out for “Modern Girls” on Lifestyle TV!

Apart from all the TV work, I have also been hosting events here and there. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being able to pump up a whole crowd and getting everyone to enjoy and feel the essence of an event.

EDnything_Wish 107.5 Music Awards-36

Wish FM Awards. First time to host an event in Araneta Coliseum and Robi and I welcomed a crowd of thousands!

I have also been fortunate enough to be able to pursue my advocacies in the process, specifically for sports and youth empowerment.  I have been doing talks every time I can in different schools and universities on the topics revolving around sports, passion, fitness, career disernment, creativity, social awareness, social media and more. I absolutely love talking to the youth and sharing my experiences with them. As a kid, one of the things that kept me driven were the speakers who went to our school to give us a little dose of wisdom and inspiration. Apart from imparting lessons I’ve learned along the way, these encounters remind me of the real reason why I’m here.


With the kids of Ifugao in an immersion for ABSCBN’s Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo

I haven’t completely left the volleyball world though. I just transferred to another court, a more porous one. Back in 2014, I had been called to compete in Thailand for a beach volleyball tournament representing the Philippines because one out of the two teams suddenly backed out. It was my first time playing beach volleyball in a decade. The instructions were, we just needed to be there and play our hearts out because having an incomplete team would incur the Philippines a hefty fine. It would also put a bigger load on the shoulders of the first team due to the tournament format. They would have had to play all the games if we weren’t there. It was in Thailand that I found my love for beach volleyball.


Cooling off after playing under the heat of the sun

We didn’t win any game as expected, but we helped the Philippines gain 2nd place, a qualifying position for the next AVC tournament. I, on the other hand, came home with a pledge to make beach volleyball as big as the indoor game. I knew other players who were as passionate for beach volleyball and who saw its potential to be big in the Philippines. Together, we banded in and formed Beach Volleyball Republic, a group that organizes beach volleyball tournaments and does grassroots training all around the Philippines.


Played my first pro beach volleyball tournament in the PSL with my partner Charo Soriano


Beach Volleyball Republic. Dzi Gervacio, Alexa Micek, Bea Tan, Fille Cainglet-Cayetano, Gretchen Ho, Charo Soriano (L-R)

It’s crazy how things can change in just a year. There is a lot I would love to share with you, my readers.  The stories I discover, the moments I encounter, the amazing people I get to meet, and the ventures that I’m currently on. With this blog, I hope to be able to give you a glimpse of my side of the world. Hopefully, the stories would inspire you on your own journey as well!


Guest Sports and Star Patroller on TV Patrol

Why the title “Woman-In-Action”? Well if you haven’t noticed, it represents who I am as a person very well. Dynamic, on-the-go and a doer. I like getting things done and bringing ideas into life. I can’t stay in one place for a long time because I feel there is so much life out there to discover. Second, in this day and age, where the woman is taking on a bigger role in society, I feel like the definition of “beautiful” has also changed. A woman is beautiful when she takes care of herself well and loves others genuinely. A woman is beautiful when she works hard for the plans she has set for her life. A woman is beautiful when she sticks to her principles and takes a stand on things that matter. “Woman-In-Action” is a both a vision and a mantra that I have for myself. Lastly, I hope to be able to share with you stories on different topics that all involve action, movement or going out of the self, in the fields of Fitness, Entertainment, Travel and Empowerment.

Welcome to the journey, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

<3 Gretchen

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  1. Haney says:

    I have been a fan of yours since 2013..You were still playing for Ateneo back then,I was always eager to see u on tv,follow you on twitter for updates,see u play in person if time would permit..But above all these,as a fan,u captured my heart for being so years pass by,my love for u has grown and want you to know that you’ve been a part of my daily endeavor.. my workmates witnessed how i mention u each day and even trying pursue my self to be engaged with different things,and of course excel and get learnings..this website of urs is another best platform for me to follow you and get inspiration..hope to meet u one day,sounds i

  2. Diane Villanueva says:

    thank you for being the woman-in-action today, you’ve been inspiring a lot people. whenever i need positivity about life, i read your blog/browse your social media sites. you’re doing great.

  3. Alexander says:

    What a great post??????
    The part about beach Volleyball made me really want to try it out!

    I am so proud of your past year Gretch! You really are the embodiment of a “Woman-in-Action”!

    Keep it up! It was an enjoyable read!


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