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Run the Race of Life

November 15, 2015

Up to this day, I still jog around my village or actually wherever I can. Partly to get some exercise and partly to get away from all the noise. It’s my alone time; my time to recollect, pray, think, look back and breathe. I feel like running is what keeps me grounded. It shows me that everything is a process, that I have to work hard to get from point A to point B. It shows me that I have to go out there, day by day, to improve my body’s condition so I can run faster and breathe better. Nobody can do the running for me, so I have to put in the work.

Running is also that one constant thing that I do, whether I win or lose games, whether I perfect a show or end up falling on my words, whether I feel so inspired with life or lost amidst the yearnings. Whenever I run, I would remember all the hardships I’ve been through. I’ve sort of associated a song or two for each moment of my life lol. It makes me feel good that I am able to go back and remember where I came from. After reminiscing, I take the time to feel proud of how far I’ve come. I remember the days when I would run with so much anger, with so much frustration and even desperation. I’ve seen myself grow from that person to one who is now more gentle, more grateful, more patient, more loose, but still very much focused.

Running has taught me that everything in life is just a phase. Winning and losing. Being on a high and being on a low. Falling in love and trying to move on. Every single moment will be there for a while, it will sting you or make you feel proud, then it will pass you by. The important thing is not to get too attached. You have to learn how to breeze through. Don’t dwell on the winning, don’t dwell on the losing. Dwell instead on the process — the process of refining yourself, strengthening yourself and learning from each and every race.

At the end of the day, it is only you whom you are running against. The numbers can only give you an idea of what kind of race you’ve ran. But numbers are numbers, and people will forget them in a year or two. The most important result, really, is in the kind of person that emerges through. The only question you have to answer at the end of each race is: “Did you make yourself proud of you?”.

4 thoughts on Run the Race of Life

  1. Julie Jane Testa says:

    Very uplifting. 😊 Thanks for this article Ms. Gretchen. May you continue to empower more people through your blog. 👍

  2. Lou says:

    Hi Gretchen. You are someone I always look up to. :) Beautiful, smart, and very disciplined. 😀 I hope you’ll make a post about how and what you eat. Love you.

  3. Aya says:

    Hello Gretchen Ho! You’re really amazing.. I’m a fan ever since!! 😀
    I’d like to ask what you say to yourself during those days you don’t feel like running but you know you have to? :(

    • Gretchen Ho says:

      I run everytime I can. I know I don’t have a lot of time so whenever I see a window, I just go out to run without even thinking about it anymore. It’s a habit you have to practice, and you have to attach a positive attitude to exercising. Think of how exercising will make you more confident as a person. That will make it easier 😉


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